Abstract Distractions by Neal Ford

Neal Ford presents his personal experience in ten valuable lessons about abstractions used in programming. I just watched Neal Ford’s presentation on abstraction distractions, and I think it is worth the time. Here is a summary of key notes that he presents:

Lesson #1 Don’t mistake the abstraction with the real thing.

Lesson #2 Understand one level below your usual abstraction.

Lesson #3 Once internalized, abstractions are hard to shake off.

Lesson #4 Abstractions are both walls and prisons.

Lesson #5 Don’t name things that expose underlying details.

Lesson #6 Your abstraction isn’t perfect.

Lesson #7 Understand the implications of rigidity.

Lesson #8 Good APIs are not merely high-level or low-level; they’re both at the same time.

Lesson #9 Generalize the 80% cases; get out of the way for the rest.

Lesson #10 Don’t be distracted by your abstractions.

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